Huandar, Cuzco

Huandar is a very young and small community close to the village of Pisac in the Sacred Valley of Cuzco, situated on the Urubamba River. The area is perhaps best known for its Incan ruins, known as Inca Písac, which lie atop a hill at the entrance to the valley. The workshop was held in cooperation with the “Wiñaypag” school, where alternative teaching concepts were implied and the students were educated with a focus on arts and handcrafts.

As a terrifying flood had washed away the old school building in february of 2010, the new school was still under construction and the workshop was held in the temporary class rooms.

Results of the Video Workshop in Huandar from the 29.11.10 to the 05.12.10:

All shortfilms of the workshops were made by the girls themselves. They developed the ideas, handled camera and sound equipment and did the interviews on their own.

a curtain for styling puposes a curtain for styling puposes
a curtain for styling puposes