(Municipality of PILAHUÍN, canton of AMBATO, province of TUNGURAHUA)

is located in the centre of the Pilahuín area, 17 km from the city of Ambato, capital of the Tungurahua province of the Andes. The name of the province comes from the volcano with the same name which is in permanent eruption since 1999. In spite of the volcano eruptions, the Mulanleo province is situated close to the volcano Chimborazo, king of the Ecuadorian Andes. It is the highest mountain of the country: its peak has an altitude of 6.310 above sea level. The community of Mulanleo counts 550 families and a total of 2.200 inhabitants, who are spread out in seven small municipalities at an elevation between 3.200 and 4.200 meters of altitude. The climate is very cold and the inhabitants of Mulanleo belong basically to the Indian tribe of Mulanleo and they speak Kichwa. They are dressed in their typically red dresses made of wool and cotton which cover almost the entire body. Recently, the young people of the community are showing a strong interest in regaining the ancestral wisdom, which is passed on to them by their grandparents and great-grandparents. These youngsters are implementing programmes and activities that allow a better integration of young people into the Ecuadorian society without loosing their roots and the ancient wisdom of their forefathers.

That’s why we think that the carrying out of a documentary film workshop will provide new tools to the young people of the community which will allow them, on the basis of the audiovisual language, to elaborate a product which could be used within their proper interests for education, tourism, art and craftworks etc.

Results of the Video Workshop in Mulanleo from the 11.10.10 to the 17.10.10:

In Coordination with the school "Eduardo Paredes Mulanleo".

All shortfilms of the workshops were made by the girls themselves. They developed the ideas, handled camera and sound equipment and did the interviews on their own. The girls were between 8 and 18 years old.

a curtain for styling puposes a curtain for styling puposes
a curtain for styling puposes