(Department of the city of LA PAZ, province NOR YUNGAS)

It is located close to the Yungas. The Yungas are low-lying valleys which are surrounded by high mountain peaks from the Cordillera Real of Bolivia. Only a 4 hours drive from the country’s financial capital, this small village had the only black king, Julio Pinedo (born 1953), who is the ceremonial king of the Afro Bolivian people of the Nor Yungas province. Today, most of the Afro-Bolivians are farmers cultivating citrus fruits, bananas, coffee and, above all, the coca plant.

Between all the chanting and percussion sprouts the Saya, which is the most important dance of the Afro-Bolivian traditions. During the famous Bolivian music festivals, the Afro-Bolivian Community has a very strong presence, showing their traditional music and dances to everyone.

In 2007, the new Constitution officially recognized the Afro-Bolivian king and he was sworn in by the prefect of La Paz. Since then, the province of Yungas has seen its rights strengthened.

With the support of the villagers of this area, COMPA bought some land to intensify their arts and crafts work, so as to develop self-sustainability and so that the people will live in harmony with themselves and with the environment.

Results of the Video Workshop in Mururata from the 15.1.11 to the 22.1.11:

All shortfilms of the workshops were made by CineCita seminar participants themselves. They developed the ideas, handled camera and sound equipment and did the interviews on their own.

a curtain for styling puposes a curtain for styling puposes
a curtain for styling puposes