(canton of SARAGURO, province of LOJA)

The Saraguro canton is located 64 km north of the city of Loja, within the province of Saraguro in South-Ecuador. It is one of the most interesting parts of America, where Incan communities preserve their authenticity by keeping a huge baggage of customs and traditions alive. In the different communities Kichwa is widely spoken, a language also spoken 12 other provinces in Ecuador. The word Saraguro derives from the Kichwa words SARA, meaning corn, and JURU, which means to increase or to germinate (a corn germination where the traditional drink “chicha” comes from). The community is very steady in its customs and traditions, which have been passed on by their forefathers.
In Saraguro, one finds one of the few schools in Ecuador with an alternative education programme, which is cut out for the particular demands of these traditional people and which lives in harmony with the traditions and visions of the Indian populations of this particular area. The school maintains a permanent interest in learning about new tools that will allow the use of their own language, customs and vision of life. With great enthusiasm, the community of Saraguro has welcomed the proposal of CineCita to develop a workshop for girls and women in their community.

Results of the Video Workshop in Saraguro from the 25.10.10 to the 31.10.10:

All shortfilms of the workshops were made by the girls themselves. They developed the ideas, handled camera and sound equipment and did the interviews on their own. The girls were between 15 and 25 years old.

a curtain for styling puposes a curtain for styling puposes
a curtain for styling puposes