Amelia, Julia Silva, Argentin/Ecuador, 20’, Drama

Ana, Gabriela Trettel, Argentine, 23’, 2006, Drama
When Ana gets her first period, she discovers it is not so easy to communicate about this natural occurrence, not even with her mother.

Capitanes en Uniforme Grande, Deysi Justo Choque, Peru 13’, 2010, Documentary
A story of children who find themselves in charge of the household, while during long seasons their parents migrate in search of better opportunities for the family.

Casa, Mercedes Moreira, Argentine, 5’, 2005, Animation
Home is more than a house. A poetic animation.

Danzak, Gabriela Yepes, Peru, 20’, 2008, Drama
Nina is a 10-year-old girl whose life dramatically changes when her father, the scissor dance master, asks her to fulfil his final wish. Inspired on a short story by Peruvian writer Jose María Arguedas, the Agony of Rasu Ñiti.

Emilia, Carla Valencia Dávila, Ecuador 7’, 2006, Drama, A story of affection and complicity: essential elements for two parents to show unconditional love to their child.

Esparcidas por el aire, Vera Egito, Brazil, 15’, 2007, Drama
When Cora discovers a couple of young girls secretly smoking in the upper staircase of her flat, she is on the verge of changing her life towards more freedom and individuality.

Fao, Carolina Alejos y Aitor Echeverría, Spain, 7’, 2010, Dance
Hunger, loneliness and the will to survive push Fao to embark on a journey that will bring her face to face with her fears.

Joyce, Caroline Leone, Brazil, 14’, 2006, Drama
One foot in the childish world of her younger sister, the other in the grown-up life of São Paulo by night, Joyce finds herself belonging to both. Or maybe none at all.

La Legendaria Clara Confederación de Almagro, Ana Martín y Alicia Rosenthal, Argentine, 2’, 2008, Animation
At the age of 89, fighting Arthrosis, with you as the public… The Legendary Clara Confederation of Almagro…

La Niña que tenía una sola oreja, Álvaro León, Spain, 13’, 2009, Animation
All the children have two eyes, a nose, a mouth, two ears and ten fingers, or not? Allegra is going to discover that there are children of all kinds.

La Tama, Martín Costa, Spain, 19’, 2009, Drama
Tama is a girl of high tempers. A conflict with her mother provokes a journey with no return.

Lebensader, Angela Steffen, Germany, 6’, 2009, Animation
A little girl finds the whole world inside a leaf.

Lenguas, Marina Anco, Manuel Mamami, Peru 10´, 2009, Documentary
The story of Manuela, an 80-year-old woman who does not speak Spanish, and the importance of preserving the Aymara language.

Mamá, Maria Simões, Portugal, 5’, Videoclip Documentary
We glimpse into the life of three working children of the streets of Cochabamba, who compose and sing a song for their mothers.

Morado, Joe Houlberg, Ecuador, 15’, 2008, Drama
Is she willing to share her beloved box of chewing gum with him?

Simil, Isadora Romero, Ecuador, 3’, 2009, Drama
The daily routine between young twins is interrupted when they make an interesting discovery.

Sores & Sîrin, Katrin Gebbe, Germany, 20’, 2008, Drama
A brother and sister need to make a sacrifice while on the search for their true home and identity.

Soy Meera Malik, Marcos Borregón Baquero, Spain, 16’, 2008, Documentary
“I am Meera Malik. I like going to school.” Young Meera lives in the poor suburbs of Calcutta, but the story she has to tell is full of hope.

Tayka Chuyma, Jhaquelin Dávalos, Bolivia, 15’, 2007, Documentary
The moon, the crickets, the birds, the water and the voices of Quechuan and Aymaran women and men are woven into a dialog about how we receive life at the moment of birth.

Turistas, Marcos de Miguel, Spain, 5’, 2008, Drama
He has many different words for it, but talking about it is a life challenge. She finds it so natural that there’s been no need to speak of it at all. Between a young tourist and a local lady.

Una Caja de botones, Maria Reyes Arias, Spain, 20’, 2010, Drama
Andrés cannot possibly afford the presents his daughter wants for Christmas. That makes him tell her the truth about the tradition of the Three Wise Men (which is the Spanish version of Santa Claus). This revelation sends them on a journey of emotional discovery.

Wawa con Wawa, Denisse Arancibia Flores, Bolivia, 8’, 2009, Drama
What does an eighteen-year-old Bolivian woman, housekeeper and single mother, think while she is preparing lunch? Wawa con Wawa is a brief intimate moment, listening to the thoughts of a woman.

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