CineCita is a travelling cinema and video laboratory, that will be on tour in the Central Andes in the fall of 2010. CineCita aims to improve general access to audiovisual media and to increase media literacy with rural populations in the region. During the tour, a smart travelling “cine-bus” visits villages in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia, screening a selected programme of international short films and organizing participative video workshops for local communities.

two images of peaple watching open air cinema

Screenings are free of charge and held at public places. The selected programme focuses on female perspectives, giving a voice to women’s narratives, from both Europe and Latin America. In the video workshops, young women learn to shoot their own short documentary video, empowering them with audiovisual skills and inspiring them to tell their own stories. An international team of organizers accompanies the workshop participants, while documenting an excerpt of their everyday lives on video themselves. Together, screenings and workshops provide a means of an exchange and networking between the Central Andean Region and Europe.

At the conclusion of each tour stop, the young directors may present their work in form of a public screening. Their films are then sent on the road with CineCita and shown to further audiences in the region.

The project Cinecita is based on the belief that improved accessibility to audiovisual media will strongly increase possibilites of exchange, dialogue, and self-expression for women living in different rural areas of the Central Andean region.

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