Moviemiento / GermanyMoviemiento / Germany

  A great idea! A passionate team of film enthusiasts with a mutual love for traveling and a brightly colored bus.  This is how the nomad of short film festivals was born. Moviemiento - Short Films on the Road is based on a simple and unique idea: a moving short film festival that travels throughout Europe. The goal is to deliver films to audiences by sticking to one habit - screening outside in public spaces without charging admission fees. The content of the films themselves reflects the spirit and mission of Moviemiento - to promote European dialogue and create mobility in the minds of people via short films.

TV Cultura / PeruTV Cultura / Peru

TV Cultura is a Peruvian association of social communication founded in 1986. Its aim is to promote the advancement of national identity, the democratization of communications and the creation of alternative network communications for a more equal, just and democratic society. It carries out its works through audiovisual productions, the development of new media and the exploration and appropriation of new technologies.

Nómadas / PeruNómadas / Peru

Nómadas is a non-profit organization aimed at improving the cultural integration among Latin American nations by presenting documentaries and fictional movies at places where cinemas do not exist, either because of lack of movie theaters or the simple fact of electricity deficiency.

La Cinta Corta / Ecuador La Cinta Corta / Ecuador

Cinta Corta is a traveling festival who, for the last 5 years, has worked to disseminate independent Latin American cinema. Cinta Corta presents short films with free admission in little villages and towns in diverse countries like Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and more recently, Brazil. Cinta Corta works towards bringing about Latin American integration through art and intercultural exchange, creating new spaces to present a young and modern cinema.  Aiding the process of the democratization of the cultural activities and making these accessible to the entire population is an important part of Cinta Corta's mission.

COMPA / Bolivia COMPA / Bolivia

Twenty years ago the non-profit organization TRONO Theatre was founded. Soon afterwards it gave birth to another organization called COMPA. Together they generated a collective with the intention to generate a form of art that enables people who are unwilling to accept the human condition as it is, to liberate themselves.

Compa devotes itself to the sensitive nature of the ‘excluded sectors’ like education, art and culture. As these are of the utmost importance for an individual and social transformation which pushes for a more just, equal, participatory, democratic, and collaborative society and strong communal solidarity.

Compra promotes and realizes educational work in the cultural field. It tries to encourage the full development of children and young people through participation in artistic projects.

Associación de Documentalistas de Chile / Chile Associación de Documentalistas de Chile

The Chilean Association of Documentary Filmmakers is composed of Directors and producers who have gathered to lobby and promote Chilean documentary around the world. A number of activities, festivals and events in which this organization participates can be seen on their website. IADOC has developed relationships with film markets, festivals and distribution centers from Chile and abroad.

Latin American Film Festival / The NetherlandsLatin American Film Festival / The Netherlands

  Latin American Film Festival annually shows 50 of the best Latin American productions made in or about Latin America. Aside from the Official Competition for feature films in which the prizes are awarded by a professional jury, festival activities include an extensive film program, music performances, art exhibitions, master classes, panel discussions, open-air film screenings and a film tour around the Netherlands.

Globale Medienwerkstatt / GermanyGlobale Medienwerkstatt / Germany

The Globale Medienwerkstatt e. V. combines two aspects: global learning and work with media from a political, artistic and creative educational point of view. The Globale Medienwerkstatt addresses topics in the field of global learning like migration, historic perspectives, gender, environment, fair trade, peace, and human rights. It aims, through actions and measures, to consolidate and equalize north-south relations. It works in a pedagogical/educational and artistic way with new and old media.

Master de Documental Creativo / SpainMaster de Documental Creativo / Spain

The Master´s Program in Theory and Practice of Creative Documentary of the Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona is a pioneering centre for the teaching of documentary filmmaking. Over the last 11 years its activities have aimed to bring together the industry, the academy, the general public, and critics through reflection on non-fiction filmmaking.

Nachrichtenpool Lateinamerika e.V. / Germany

The Nachrichtenpool (news channel) objective is to report on Latin America and Germany. People from the Southern regions - with their own point of views and local concerns - shall have the opportunity to communicate their ideas to the people living in the North, and this not only to people in a politically/socially enclosed environment, but to a broader public. In addition, German news is contributed to Latin American community radios and to all other people who might be interested in the information. 

Solar World Cinema / The Netherlands Solar World Cinema / The Netherlands

Solar World Cinema is a mobile cinema powered by solar energy which tours around Latin America. The mobile cinema brings unseen films to unknown places. Solar World Cinema cooperates with film festivals / film makers / film schools, NGO’s and individual initiatives.

CosiMo´s Solar Cinema / The Netherlands

CosyMo’s SOLAR CINEMA is a mobile solar cinema. A small van with solar panels on the roof provide enough solar power to power equipment needed to project films onto a big screen. CosyMo’s Solar Cinema is a mobile open air digital projection unit, but it also develops filmprojects/workshops on location.

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